Plan Of Operation

        Timeliness of Service & Operation

The procedure used by Hope Ambulette Service is to service patients and minimize error in pick-up, delivery, billing and reimbursement. On a daily basis. The health facility by the way of fax gives the names and sites of pick-up and drop-off for the following day. From the call-inn, a driver's daily pick-up sheet is developed by geographic cluster route. The pick-up sheet indicates patient's name, telephone, pick-up/drop-off location and authorization. The patient is called prior to pick-up to confirm schedule and appointment. This process reduces the chance of a patient not being picked-up inadvertently or the driver spending excess time waiting.

The information on the daily pick-up sheet is transferred to a ledger record book that indicates the actual service rendered. The data in the ledger book is tallied and entered into a monthly summary sheet. The monthly summary sheet indicates the health facility and account number requesting service, the name of patients and dates of services. We make sure that all our Drivers are expedited to their location and that our clients are satisfied with our services.